Friday, June 1, 2018

Review: Ice: Devil's Nightmare MC

Ice: Devil's Nightmare MC Ice: Devil's Nightmare MC by Lena Bourne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book had good bones it just need something more.

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Review: Blaze

Blaze Blaze by L. Wilder
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 Solid Blaze Stars*****
This book is a great start to a new chapter in Satan’s Fury MC. This book is well written and flows so good and has a good pace so before you know it you finished the book. Blaze is a single father and not by choice life has been tricky for him. Blaze wants nothing more than to keep his son happy, safe and healthy. Kenadee is a nurse getting out of another messy relationship and want nothing more to have a peaceful life. But everything will change soon for Blaze and Kenadee; Blaze can’t keep her off his mind and Kenadee is starting to think maybe Blaze is right about them. But When danger comes knocking on the MC door Blaze has to make the right decision when it comes to Kenadee. Will Kenadee be cut out for the MC life? Will Blaze keep everyone safe and happy? Will these two make it even tho all is against them? I can’t wait for more!

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Blaze (Satan's Fury MC Memphis, #1) by L. Wilder

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Review: Vow of Retribution

Vow of Retribution Vow of Retribution by Emma Renshaw
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*****4 Solid Stars*****
This is a great first read by Emma Renshaw for me ; she took me a on a good ride. This story if filled with some much that it doesn’t over power the book. Savannah has a wall of protection and she earned it. Liam whats to change all the wrong that his life was becoming so coming home to be near his family is the right choice. Liam was not looking for anyone he just wanted to enjoy being in his hometown but soon as his eyes see Savannah everything goes out the window. LIam see’s that Savannah is protecting herself but from what and why won’t she give in to him. Savannah see’s something different in LIam and feels safe with him but she not willing to let him in so easy. Liam is a very patient man because he knows Savannah worth it but what is she hiding. Will Savannah story make Liam run or will he stand by her side? Will the past stay there or come to the forefront and destroy what these two built? Can Liam be the man Savannah really needs?

*****ARC from Indie Sage PR for review*****
Vow of Retribution
Vow of Retribution (Vow Series, #1) by Emma Renshaw

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Review: Fallout

Fallout Fallout by Lila Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 Loving 2nd Chance Stars*****
Lila Rose gives us a great MC book; filled with a bit everything we all love to read in a MC book. Poppy and Fang have known have been each other lives as long as they can remember; Poppy has always loved Fang and Fang as well but timing wasn’t right for them. When Poppy here’s something that was not meant for her ear everything changes for them. Poppy runs and doesn’t want to come back ever but when she has no choice but to come home Fang is determined to to her life upside down. Fang has never forgotten how painful it was when Poppy took off without a word and has never reached out to him that’s a pain he willing to let go if she lets him in. But has more than one secret that Fang can never find out about; but what’s in the past never stays there. What happens when Poppy starts opening up about what really happened? Will Fang change his mind about Poppy? Will the past win? Can Fang keep Poppy and his brothers safe? Will they have that happy ending? Just read promise you will definitely love it!

*****ARC from Give Me Books Promotions for review*****
Fallout (Hawks MC Caroline Springs Charter #6) by Lila Rose

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Review: Bad Intentions

Bad Intentions Bad Intentions by Charleigh Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 Loving It Stars*****

Where do I even start with Lo and Dare could these two not be more perfect fit for one another. These two have not had it easy in life each have story that is not pretty. Lo is new in town her and her brother left there Oakland home to get away from all the bad things that was going on and the only options was to go and live with there non existing father. Dare has a rep with the town that is not pretty but it kinda of works for him being that he doesn’t like people all too much. Lo trying to find a job in River’s when she try her luck at the towns tattoo shop she comes face to face with Dare and his brooding self and is turned down. Dare soon sees he not able to get Lo of his mind and the way these two keep crossing paths doesn’t let him forget about her. Dare starts to give in and let his walls down for Lo and he hoping that his past won’t ruin it with Lo. Lo past refuse to stay there and her mother just drops more secrets on Lo and her brother. Lo it trying to let Dare in and take charge but her past won’t let her give in fully. Can these two make? Will Dare keep Lo safe? Can Lo let go and give in to Dare?

*****ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions for review*****
Bad Intentions
Bad Intentions (Bad Love, #2) by Charleigh Rose

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Review: King's Wrath

King's Wrath by Nina Levine My rating: 5 of 5 stars View all my reviews