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Review: Deklan

Deklan Deklan by Shay Savage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


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Wrecked by Luke Prescott

****4 Hott Stars****
This my first time reading anything by Luke Prescott and it was nice and dirty; the writing is steady and smooth it flows so good.  Payton is back home hiding and is working at the auto shop for her father who has no idea what’s going on he just happy to have her home. Asher is a mechanic but is a man with dreams of one day owning his own auto shop and is well on his way but until then he passes his time on night stands , drinking and is also cocky and sexy as sin. When Payton and Asher unofficially meet let's just say WOW. Asher and Payton agree to be friends but we all know that never last for long when they so attracted to each other. The situation is a sticky on Payton the boss daughter and Asher an employee and could jeopardize everything Asher been working one. But for Asher Payton worth the risk. But  Payton hiding something and Asher knows something up. When Payton past comes knocking will it change everything? Can Asher survive the secrets once they all come out? Can they pull through it all?

****ARC from Author Luke Prescott for review****

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Bound by Desire (Ravage MC Bound#2) by Ryan Michele

*****5 Deke Swooning Stars*****

I could not wait to get my hand on this one and I was not disappointed at all, this book consumed me from the start. Deke is not the same guy we met in the last book he's not weak or broke or selfish or hooked on drugs; 4 years later and Deke is clean strong and cage fighter/ master mechanic now on his own away from his family cutting all ties accept his sister. But his past won't stay in the past coming home from one of this fights he finds his cousin Austyn at his door step badly beaten and he soon realizes that he has to take her home and their is no way around it if he calls they will come to him and he rather keep his whereabouts private from them. When his welcome home is goes exactly the way he expected but he hit with news that change everything; Deke's mother is ill and all she wants is her son to stay and fight the past and help her fight. Rylie is strong woman who has been on her own most of her adult life and her past has not always been an easy one; she one of the best at her job security at an underground cage fighting and when a night out with the girls catches the eyes of Princess she offered a job at the strip club X owned by the MC. Let’s just say when these two hook up it’s soo good. Will Deke past shadow his future with his family? Can Deke stay in the past or will the reason for leaving truth come to lite? Can Deke and his father finally make amends? Will Rylie finally have a real man in her life? Will Deke and Rylie past ruin everything with them and the club? You HAVE to read this! I can’t wait for more

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Roamer (Nomad #3)
Janine Infante Bosco

*****5 Fierce Stars*****
I could not wait until I got my hands on this one and I was not let down at all this series just keeps getting better and better. Janine is gives you an emotionally charged story of two people trying to survive the everyday life after their past was not so nice to them; this isn’t you regular fairytale romance theirs heartbreak, death, tragedy, pain. Ally once had an ideal life and then was kidnapped at the age of 14 and has lived nothing but pain tragedy since then; from being raped to transportation for drugs, abuse, made an addict, denied a life and anything normal. Deuce (Roamer) is hiding from his past; born into the MC life after losing his father had him 2nd guessing everything he once believed in death and betrayal has him running. Now part of a different MC Saints Knight MC he believes in brotherhood again but no one knows about his past and who he really is. Ally has been found by her brother (Cobra) MC now she needs to learn how to survive and fight to get her life back. Deuce is assigned the task to babysit until Cobra can take over.  Ally tortured blue eyes call to Deuce’s soul and darkest place of his heart the pull he feels towards Ally can’t be denied but he knows she just as broken as he is. Deuce want’s nothing more to turn all her nightmares and all her bad first into new unforgettable first and keep the nightmares at bay. Ally and Deuce are broken people who learn that their life is not set in stone even if they are both broken and scarred of the future but they learn how to “Ride or Die” for one another! It won’t be an easy ride when their enemies on their tail and the club. I NEED LINC PLEASE!! Have I mentioned I so want rather I need to be Property of Parrish!

*****ARC from Indie Sage PR for review*****

Monday, June 19, 2017

Captive Vow by Alta Hensley

****4 Strange Stars***
My first read from Alta Hensley it was ok; I felt like the story was missing something but it kept me reading. This story is warped tale about a 2 people Demi and Pope trying to hold together to keep Demi friend Marie safe.  Mrs. Viv Montgomery is a special customer at the diner where Demi works at; Demi helps feed her when she comes in Viv suffers from Parkinson’s and is always alone and always talks to Demi. Demi has not had an easy life with her mother she a product of 2 activists her father was killed when she was young; Demi has just learned her mother is set for lethal injection and heads to work barely keeping it together. When Viv starts to talk about her Pope Demi confused because over the time they have spent together Viv has never mentioned him and when Viv tells her he was in jail Demi concerned for Viv. When Demi comes to she soon realizes that she not at home and has been kidnapped by no other than Viv and Viv tells Demi of her plans. Does Pope have his hand in this twisted game his mother playing? Can Demi and Pope get through the torment Vivian putting them through? Who is telling the truth? Is there a happily ever after in this story? 

****ARC from L. Woods PR for review****

Review: The Devil Don't Sleep

The Devil Don't Sleep by Janine Infante Bosco My rating: 5 of 5 stars *****5 Didn’t Sleep Stars*****...