Monday, June 12, 2017


*****5 Savage Stars*****
I could not wait for this book to come out and I was not let down. This book is filled action a whole of mafia and some bikers, secrets and lies; this book will suck you in for more. The story picks up 8 years later from Empires and Kings where we met a young Liam he half Irish and half Italian heir to both mafia families. Liam was raised by his Italian uncle Ciro when he lost his parents; Liam very familiar with family business but wants no parts of his mafia  family business so medical school it was and Doctor is what he is now. Liam frequent this diner where Wren is a waitress and has been has been asking her for a date several times and Wren refuses; after Liam defends Wren from her ex Wren gives in and goes on a date with Liam. Ciro is still plotting against Vlad and Liam is the key and Wren is motivation for Liam and Elevent doing Ciro dirty work but it will be the last time Ciro will use Elevent and the Saints Justice MC.  There are so many secrets between the families’ that will turn everyone world upside down once out in the open. Can Liam and Wren be together? Will Wren learn who she really is? Will Ciro get his revenge against Vlad? When do I get to read more of Eleven and Gyspy and Saints Justice MC I need it Please.
*****ARC from author A.C. Bextor for review*****

Saints and Savages (Mafia #2)

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