Monday, June 19, 2017

 Beast (Twisted Ever After) by A. Zavarelli

****5 Dark Fairy Tale Stars****
I put off reading this book for a bit after reading it I have no clue as to why; this book is soooo good A. Zavarelli is wicked and dark and always gives me a good read. Isabella is a famous singer after winning a game show but she not as happy as she thought she would be; for one she not making the music she loves and her father (Ray) is missing. Isabella barley holding it together she has to sit and wait to hear anything new from the agency he works for but no one seems to know anything or giving up any information. Javi out for revenge Ray made his life a lie; after his mother’s death Ray took Javi out of the asylum to start his training. Javi training was not normal it was torture to make him a killer for them. Now that Ray is missing the time is now for his revenge Isabella is in his crosshairs and it’s time to pay. This story is so twisted! Can Isabella survive Javi? Can Javi let go what Ray did? Can Isabella and Javi survive all the lies?
*****ARC from Author A. Zavarelli for review*****

Beast (Twisted Ever After, #1)

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