Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wrecked by Luke Prescott

****4 Hott Stars****
This my first time reading anything by Luke Prescott and it was nice and dirty; the writing is steady and smooth it flows so good.  Payton is back home hiding and is working at the auto shop for her father who has no idea what’s going on he just happy to have her home. Asher is a mechanic but is a man with dreams of one day owning his own auto shop and is well on his way but until then he passes his time on night stands , drinking and is also cocky and sexy as sin. When Payton and Asher unofficially meet let's just say WOW. Asher and Payton agree to be friends but we all know that never last for long when they so attracted to each other. The situation is a sticky on Payton the boss daughter and Asher an employee and could jeopardize everything Asher been working one. But for Asher Payton worth the risk. But  Payton hiding something and Asher knows something up. When Payton past comes knocking will it change everything? Can Asher survive the secrets once they all come out? Can they pull through it all?

****ARC from Author Luke Prescott for review****

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