Monday, June 19, 2017

He Lived Next Door By Portia Moore

****4 Truthful Stars****
This book is not what I thought the story would be this is a very different story then what I normally read but it was good enough to keep me read all the way till the end. Trust me when I say you will not see the plot twist that comes at you. This story is full of trials and sufferings heartbreak, faith, loss and hope. Chassidy and Bryce are struggling in there marriage they have suffered loss and not lack of communication of their pain and everything else; Chassidy also hiding something from Bryce that can break them. With all this struggling in their marriage they also have temptations in front of them in their moments of weakness. This is not your regular love story it makes you want to believe love can overcome it all.
****ARC from Give Me Promotions for review****


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