Tuesday, September 26, 2017


The darkness never truly left me. It’s always there, waiting for the right moment to strike.

It’s been months since I ran away from the nightmare that was slowly killing me. I ran for my life, straight into the arms of a man who I thought would be worse than the nightmare I’d left behind.

Little did I know he’d become my savior.

But my happy ending was ripped away from me in a blink of an eye. I had everything…and I lost everything.


I didn’t believe in angels. But then I saw her. I touched her. I kissed her. I made love to her.

In return, she saved my soul.

I was no longer unlovable, because my Angel found it in her heart to love me.

I had her…and then I lost her.

But I will not stop until I find her.

Even if it means starting a war and spilling the blood of everyone who gets in my way.

I will find my Angel.


Part Two

Part One


About the Author
Lylah James lives somewhere in Canada. She is usually pretty busy but she uses all her spare time to write. If she is not studying, sleeping, writing or working – she can be found with her nose buried in a good romance book, preferably with a hot alpha male.

Writing is her passion. The voices in her head won’t stop and she believes they deserve to be heard and read. Lylah James writes about drool worthy and total alpha males, with strong and sweet heroines. She makes her readers cry – sob their eyes out, swoon, curse, rage and fall in love. Mostly known as the Queen of cliffhanger and the #evilauthorwithablacksoul, she likes to break her readers’ hearts and then mend them again.

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Monday, September 25, 2017

*****5 I NEED MORE Stars*****

T.M. Frazier is my all-time favorite she gives you these amazing stories that have you so absorbed in the story you feel like you are a part of the book. This book is so GOOD I could not stop reading. Sawyer and Finn have lived tragedy but the difference between them is how they live everyday life; Sawyer is final free to learn who she is and discovery the world she never knew, Finn just drowning in his past and doesn’t care if he comes out on the other side. But everything has changed for these two when they meet. Sawyer has stirred things in Finn that he thought was gone and Finn has made Sawyer question everything she said wasn’t going to let happened to her again. So when secrets come out things can change for the good or the worse for both of them but if Finn has anything to do with it nothing will ever come for Sawyer again or take her away from him. But when you get to the end be ready for the surprise that will have your jaw on the floor like WWWHHHAAATTT I need part 2 PLEASE!!

*****ARC from Social Butterfly PR for review*****

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