Saturday, December 30, 2017

Review: Lessons In Corruption

Lessons In Corruption Lessons In Corruption by Giana Darling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 O Gosh Stars*****

Could you keep a secret and never tell? What happens when your secret walks in your classroom and you don’t think you can stop anything that’s going to happen from that day forth. For being my first read by this author she did an excellent job! This story is amazing written and gritty, suspenseful, heart stopping and o SO SO SO SO Naughty. You all need to meet King because he is something out of this world, did I mention his family part of MC. I can’t much else without ruining this book for you.

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Review: Vengeance Aside

Vengeance Aside Vengeance Aside by Nancy Haviland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 Vengeance Stars*****
Did I ever mention I love a good mafia book ;) This book is beautifully written so many emotions in this book that it will keep you hooked. What happens when a white lie to your father turns out to be the best thing in your life..this book. Lukas is willing to give in to his father request but is not looking forward to the women his brother has described. Dale knows how to hide her feelings but Lukas is about to change everything she has kept behind her smile. Lukas is about to change his whole mind about this arrangement; all it took was to lay his eyes on her. O before I forget the a crazy guy trying to take Dale. I CAN’T WAIT TO GET MORE!!

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Review: Bad Habit

Bad Habit Bad Habit by Charleigh Rose
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 Forbidden Stars*****
Charleigh never lets me down I get so sucked in I don’t even realize how deep until the bookends. Bry knows that kissing Asher will change everything and that what she really hoping for. So what Ash is older than her or that he her brother best friend; Ash is hers he just doesn’t know it yet. But what Bry doesn't see that she belongs to Ash always has and always will. What happens when secrets come out that kept them apart for so long will it change everything for the worse or the better? Will Ash destroy his friendship when he gives in to what he always wanted? Will Dashiell (Bry’s bro) forgive and forget so they can be happy? Only way to find out is to read!! Did I mention how this book becomes your bad habit.

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Review: Obsession Mine

Obsession Mine Obsession Mine by Anna Zaires
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 Obsessed Stars*****
Once again i’m sucked into these 2 crazy story and I loved every single moment; but we are left on cliffhanger (evil). It drive me nuts the way Sara denies her attraction for Peter just because what he did. I can’t wait for Sara just to give in and love Peter they way he loves her. Peter pushes so many boundaries with Sara; Peter so how serious he is with wanting to be with Sara and how devoted he is to her and nothing will change that. Sara see the devotion from Peter and in a different life it would be everything she has ever wanted; how could she love her kidnapper. I
can’t wait for more!

*****ARC from Author Anna Zaires for review*****

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Review: Taking Avery:

Taking Avery: Taking Avery: by Ker Dukey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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Review: Taking Avery

Taking Avery Taking Avery by D.H. Sidebottom
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW...This book so so so so so GOOD!!! I can't wait for more!!

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Friday, December 15, 2017


*****5 Ruthless Stars*****

I NEED MORE! Ronan and Camilla are one of my favorite dysfunctional couple or shall I’ll say abductor and hostage to date. These two want nothing more than to rip each other apart to the death-maybe. Camilla fears no one and will not start now to fear the Russian Mob Boss or at least won’t show him what she really feels. By day Ronan is feared businessman but he will always be heartless crime lord, ruthless, ice control killer and has been planning his empire since he was 18. Camilla is woman of many skills and can be just as ruthless as Ronan and she holds many secrets; but Ronan threatens to rip it all the away from her. This is such a good read.

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Review: Dear Everly: a romance novel

Dear Everly: a romance novel Dear Everly: a romance novel by London Casey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sometimes you read a book that blows you away and this book does just that. These two people have had so an emotional ride in life and they find each other. READ THIS BOOK!!
Dear Everly a romance novel by London Casey

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

*****5 Stupefying Stars*****

I was completely taken by surprise with these series. This is one of the best Mafia love stories I’ve read to date. Ayla and Alessio story has a bit of everything new beginnings, death, love, sad/happy tears, vengeance, compassion, blood, new friendships. We were left with so many questions in book 2 and this book delivered all those answers. Ayla struggling to come to terms with everything that has happened to her and Alessio refuse to give up her and them because she is his Angel. In this book I felt Alessio so much more he’s a lot more open and doesn’t hide at all what he feel for Ayla. These books so go you have to read them all. I NEED MORE!

*****ARC from Author Lylah James for review*****

*****5 Muneca Stars*****

Where do I being with book I was not expecting this story for El Santo. As always M. Robinson gives us a raw gritty and emotional book. We get to meet a younger Damien and see why he has become the cut throat ruthless man he is now. One night changes the life of Damien forever and it takes him by complete surprise. Amira steps in to her nightmare and standing in the middle of it is Damien. These two lives will forever be entwined by an earth shattering tragedy. We get to see these two evolve of the years and see Amira become a women and Damien the man he supposed to be. READ THIS!!!

*****ARC from Author M. Robinson for review*****

Sunday, November 19, 2017

*****5 Always Stars*****

Where do I start these two story is something out of this world. This can definitely be read as a standalone but I would high recommend you read Always so you can really feel these two characters story. So fast forward 7 years later Cross and Catherine have not been each other life but when Cross runs into Catherine he feels like it yesterday that he had her in his arms. When Catherine lays eyes on Cross everything that she made herself forget come back to the surface like nothing ever happened but she knows better. Cross is not the only one who made promise to them self not let it happen again Catherine mean business and she standing her ground. Cross dosen’t care about the consequence he needs Catherine back and he can’t even fathom how he has lived without her for so long. Catherine not the same girl there are things Cross doesn’t know and she will try her best to keep it that way. Cross trying fix all the wrong he did with Catherine and he will keep that secret as long as he can as long as he can have Catherine back. You have to read this book to find out what happens when the secrets are out and the family finds out they are giving it another go. Man this book is good. READ!!

****ARC from Indie Sage PR  for review*****

*****5 OMG Stars*****

Good Airicka Phoenix gives us these stories that just blow your mind. Once again she gave me something to read that I couldn't stop once I started (book hangover). Gabby and Kieran are hiding what they truly feel for one another and have been doing it years. To the outside world Gabby looks like her life is wonderful even Kieran thinks it too; but there's a darkness that is waiting for her and she trying to figure out how to get out before it too late. When Kieran final realized what was infront of him he changed his life so he could be the man Gabby needs. What happens when Kieran take over his father dirty little secrets  and finds the one person he never thought he would see? There are some many secrets and lies around Gabby and Kieran and it can destroy everything they want. Can they keep each other safe? Can they finally be happy? THIS IS A GOOD READ YOU MUST READ PLEASE!

****ARC from Author Airicka Phoenix  for review*****

****4 Intsa-love Stars****

This book is fast, hott, Alpha and easy to read. Lane life has not been the same since he found out he has a daughter (Tiffany) he has missed a big part of her life but not because he wanted too and he changing every mistake her mother has made. Amelia adores her job as a vet she guarding her heart since she lost her dog and that means men are on that blocked list too. But what happens when Lane comes to pick up his dog and they lay eyes on each other is what this story is hot heavy fast. But there someone still out for the Club or maybe Amelia can Lane keep his family safe and Amelia too? Will Lane and the Club find out who’s behind everything? Will Amelia open up and let Lane in? Can they be really happy? Question is how bad do you want to know, you to read to find out! WILDER PLEASE!!

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*****4.5 Hail Stars*****

This story is filled so much emotion, the lies, the betrayal; this story had me feeling everyone of the characters emotions and I don’t know if I could handle their situation the same why they did. Travis  and Hannah kinda of live a lie with smiles on there face. But when Travis decides to put his big boy pants on and stand up to his EX we see a whole new side of him. The Hail men have not had an easy in life but they are trying to make it better. Hannah a very strong women in her positions and handling the cards she been dealt very well; she loves Tarvi very much but won’t hurt him even if she wanted too. This was a good read you should read it!

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Monday, October 30, 2017

*****5 WOW Stars*****

This book is what I would say is a good MC book (love a good MC book).
These 2 story is so emotional they have not had an easy past or present but that’s what’s bringing them together to try get what’s owed to them. Wrecker is an evil man with no concern with the people in his life or his own children everyone is a pawn to make him rich. Havoc is on a mission find hi father and end him but months on the road he has come up empty. When coming home for his best friend Cessy wedding she has a plan for him and he isn’t going to give in to her so willing. Angels has been lied to since she was  taken from her family but now truth has been told and she wants Wrecker and her captors heads just as bad as Havoc; but Angel knows this is not going to be easy mission for them because Havoc makes her feel thing she hasn’t felt in a while.  Havoc and Angel dynamics are intentense because they want the   same goal but when these too open up to one another man it gets good!       I NEED LILLY’S BOOK PLEASE!

*****ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions for review*****

Review: The Devil Don't Sleep

The Devil Don't Sleep by Janine Infante Bosco My rating: 5 of 5 stars *****5 Didn’t Sleep Stars*****...