Monday, July 31, 2017

Illicit (Sin City Outlaws, #4) By M.N. Forgy

*****5 O Wow Stars*****
This series is GOOD each book gets better and better. Raven and Machete are 2 dark twisted souls that totally belong together a matched made in hell and everyone needs to watch out for them. Machete is the enforcer for the club and he was given orders by Zeek President of Sin City Outlaws MC and that was to get the information of Cross whereabouts by any means necessary. Raven has been imprisoned since the day she was kidnapped as a child, she has been starved, caged like an animal, taught to fight for the kill or be killed, nothing more than a weapon for her captures. So for being held by Machete and being tortured is nothing new for Raven she refuses to break because what they don’t know is that she wants Cross just as bad as they does. Months before being held by Machete the first time Raven met Machete she knew he was just as dark as or even darker than her on the inside; the first time Machete met Raven he knew she was not a regular girl and she could set the world on fire. Machete’s efforts to break Raven to get the information have all failed; so his new tactic is to play with Raven dark side and to dominant it. This book is what happens, senseless meets senseless, physcho meets physcho, dark equals dark. YOU MUST READ!! Will the MC think Machete is a trader? Who will get there revenge on Cross? Can Raven Machete have happily ever after? Can Machete tame Raven? READ!

****ARC from TRSOR Promotions for review****

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