Monday, July 3, 2017

The Beard Made Me Do It (The Dixie Wardens Reject MC #5)
by Lani Lynn Vale

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*****5 Beard Stars*****

This is my first read from Lani Lynn Vale I have no idea why, this story is incredible 2nd chance at love. Ellen and Jesse story starts 14 years ago something that was so beautiful; but even then they had obstacle to overcome for on Jesse a single father to Linc and crazy junkie baby mama and Ellen parents only know of his  reputation. When Jessie hears a conversation between Ellen and her mother he knows the only thing he can do let her go so she can be everything she wants to be so from that day forth her lets her go without a word. Jessie believes he doing the right thing so he takes off with Linc to find his life and let Ellen have hers. Fast forward. Jessie has final  has him himself in financially place  that is good for him and Lic but feels like he missing something so decides to join the The Dixie Warden Reject MC to get what’s missing but what he didn’t realize that his past was apart of it and she with one of the members Sean. Ellen life has not been easy the last 14 years she still can’t get over Jesse and compares ever man to him; she never wanted to lose Jessie and Linc but she did and still miss them something crazy. At a High School football  is when Ellen past comes back and she knows that her love for him has never changed still after all this time and knows she has to cut Sean lose before it goes too far because there's only one man she ever wanted Jessie even after he broken her heart. Jessie just wants to act like he doesn’t even know Ellen but he can only deny it so long. Ellen wants to run because of the pain she feels every time she see’ Jessie. What happens when these to get it together and realize they can’t deny it anymore and what happens when Jessie crazy ex comes back again to mess with Linc and Jessie? You definitely need to read this. I need Ghost PLEASE!

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