Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Darkest Sunrise (The Darkest Sunrise #1)

*****5 PHENOMENAL Stars*****
Aly Martinez knows what she’s doing, she pulls all and every emotional string you have like a puppet master with this book. This book did things to my heart and emotions it’s a gut wrenching story once I started this book I couldn’t stop and now I’m sitting here trying to be patient for The Brightest Sunset. I need to know how this is going to go for Charlotte and Parker because my heart broken at the end of this book; I was so happy and then I soon realized that might change real soon and everything Charlotte and Parker was working for can end in a bad way. Ten years ago Charlotte world ripped her apart her son Luca was taken while at the park helping a bystander. Moving forward is what Charlotte can’t do it hurts to much so she becomes a shell of women letting the grief controls her life. As one of the most top pulmonologist Charlotte works hard to keep her days going. Porter is a single father and business owner who lives in the darkness the last three years since his wife passed (more to that story) but stays strong for his children. When Porter meets Charlotte everything changes for him and all he wants is for Charlotte to be happy and change everything for her. I’m leaving so much out you have to no MUST read this brilliant story of heartbreak and hope.

****ARC from Ink Slinger PR for review****

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