Saturday, August 11, 2018

Review: Pipe

Pipe Pipe by Winter Travers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 Pipe Stars*****

I couldn’t wait to keep reading I was so happy that this was the next story in the series. Pipe and Nikki story is so good. Nikki is Karmen BFF and was warned to stay away from the the VP because he is not what she looking for and Pipe’s warning was to stay away from Nikki because all it will do is destroy her. So when Nikki goes back for another night with Pipe because the one night stand wasn’t enough for her she gets a full reminder of what that night really was just one and done deal. Nikki plan is to leave the town she calls home because seeing the man she thought they had a connection too was to much; so she on the lamb (does check in with Karmen). Pipe can’t get his mind around what happened between him and Nikki, that one night changed a lot of things for him that he still can’t figure out what he feels for her. Nikki being gone doesn’t help him figure anything out so every time they get a lead where she might be he can’t deny that funny feeling he gets. Nikki plan has been working so far in a town no one knows her and making new friends she think she might be able to forget the man that broke her heart. So having a drink with her new friend and letting her hair down never did she expect to see Karmen and Nickel and Pipe to walk in and blow everything she been working so hard to do forget Pipe. Laying his eyes on Nikki after not seeing her for so long has him now making rash decision to make Nikki see he is the one for her. Nikki was getting a new neighbor and she was not going to be happy once she learns who it is. Can Pipe get in NIkki good graces? Can Pipe get in Nikki good graces? Who the creep taking pictures through Nikki window? Will Nikki move back home? Can we also talk about the girl gang- cuz I so want in. Did I mention that these chicks in this series are hilarious.

*****ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions for review*****
Pipe (Fallen Lords MC, #2) by Winter Travers

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