Saturday, February 24, 2018

Review: The Devil's Match

The Devil's Match The Devil's Match by Amo Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 Twisted Stars*****

I was waiting for this book patiently (so not patiently waiting more like champing at the bit) and this book did not let me down; I so just want to be a fly on the wall while Amo writes. Ella and Frost are so meant to be, one who a psychopath and other is trying to keep the beast on a leash but when these two let go of control stay out of the way the only thing that matters is them. Frost knows by pushing Ella away it’s the right thing to do but he doesn't realize is that he does not have a say. Ella knows her brothers want what’s best for her and want her to try to have a semi normal life that they never had but pushing her just makes it harder for her to walk the line. After the messed Frost and Ella make she agrees to go to college and try the normal thing and Frost promises to wait for her; what Ella didn’t expect to do was go and hide from the man she loves and her brothers and stays away much longer so she can keep her secret that could make Frost kill her once he finds out so her plan is to not go back. When Ella has to come home and the secret out that’s when we see what Ella made of. And Ella has missed so much of her family life that she can’t wrap her mind around everything. Sidebar WTF happened with Hella? Will Frost kill Ella? Can the psychopath have feelings? Can Ella have he happily twisted ever after? There is so much I’m leaving out because it’s so good that you have read this book! I can’t wait the next book. Our we getting another Hella book (please say yes)?

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The Devil's Match (The Devil's Own #5) by Amo Jones
The Devil's Match

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