Monday, October 30, 2017

*****5 OMFG  Stars*****

Where do I even start I was wanting patiently (really not) for this book because I need to know what happens next and I now I know and now I have to wait some patiently (really not I need it now PLEASE).  Ayla and Alessio story is sooo good the twist and turns the lies MAN it’s so good. We get to see what happens when Ayla secret comes for her and she can no longer deny the truth anymore. When Alessio learns the truth about Ayla it doesn't change the way he feels about her it only makes him want her more. This book will have you on the edge the whole time and keep you reading until the end because it’s so good and you need to know what’s happening. This review so vague I know but this all I can say without ruining it; when you get to the end you will be mind-blown. READ IT NOW!! Can I have part 3 PLEASE!

*****ARC from Lylah James for review*****

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