Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Mercy by Debra Anastasia



*****5 Creeper Stars*****
Debra Anastasia gives you a story of stalking at its best. Fenix/ Nix (Mercy) 15 years ago was saved by a bravest girl he’s ever met; she confronted his father when he had Fenix in his grips waiting to give him his punishment but when his father motives change to the girl it was time for Fenix to save her and that’s what he did. Fast forward 15 years later Rebecca is just a waitress at local bar Memes(themed bar) trying to survive her monster mother who is willing to marry her off to any man she finds suitable. Fenix has never forgotten about Rebecca and has been watching her ever since keeping her safe but has never been seen by her and will keep it that way. Mercy lives in the shadows of darkness protecting the innocent but is one of the most evil contract killer around, Nix is ghost in the world. When a chance encounters to come face to with Becca he decides to take the chance being he doesn’t have to hide his skin he’ll fit right in. What happens when Becca is in danger is Nix willing to risk it all and come clean? Can Nix protect Becca for his past and present evil? Can Becca be with Nix with no judgments? Will Becca survive Mercy?

*****ARC from for Give Me Books Promotions review*****

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