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One look at the sixteen-year-old, prim and proper town goody-two-shoes, Hennessy Hanes, and
Tate Casey knows hes in trouble. He knows he should stay away from the preachers daughter, but
theres something about her hes drawn to, and he cant resist the pull.
The more he gets to know her, the more he realizes that something isnt right. He may not be able
put his finger on what it is, but hes determined to find out whats going on with the girl with the
haunted eyes.
Tate didnt anticipate that someone else would be just as determined to keep Hennessys nightmare
a secret, and he never realizes just how far that person is willing go to keep those skeletons in the
closet until its too late.
With the very real threat of jail time hanging over his head, Tate leaves without a backwards glance
at the town or the girl. The problem is that out-of-sight doesnt necessarily mean out of mind, and its
Tate whos now haunted by his decision and memories of Hennessy.
Hennessy Hanes knows better than anyone that not everything is always as it appears to be. After
years of being on the receiving end of her squeaky-clean preacher fathers abuse, she seizes an
opportunity to leave it all behind and runs.
Her only regret is that in walking away she loses any chance with the one person who tried to save
Fast forward ten years, and theyre both back where they started.
Tate was never a good boy, and it turns out that the man hes now grown into isnt all that much
better. Anger is a living, breathing part of him, and theres a court order forcing him to seek help from
the one person hes never forgotten.
Hennessy never thought shed see Tate Casey again, and certainly not on her couch. But now its
her turn to save him, and there are rules she must follow as his psychologist, not to mention a court
order instructing her to help him manage his anger. If she doesnt follow those rules, hell end up
back in jail.
Tate Casey has never been a man who followed the rules, and Hennessy is no longer the
straight-laced, timid preachers daughter she once was.
His hands may be tied, so it looks like for the first time in Hennessys life, shell be the one breaking
the rules for the chance to finally get what shes always wanted. Him.


Hail No (Hail Raisers #1) - Releasing September 27th
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Go to Hail (Hail Raisers #2) - Releasing October 27th
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