Friday, August 25, 2017

Nate by Celia Aaron

*****5 Swoon Stars*****

O Nate Nate Nate the things you do to me! Celia Aaron always gives a you a good read I absolutely loved this book and I love that it was based out Philly (my hometown); how can you not want to read about a young girl and who falls for her former guardian Nate Franco who is Mob boss to the Philly syndicate. When Sabrina became an orphan and Nate became her guardian he even knew back then that she would change his life but didn’t want his life style for Sabrina he wants much more for her so boarding school is where she was sent. Sabrina home and is not that 13 year old little girl anymore Sabrina has become a women with sassy mouth that does things to him; Nate only option is to send her away again he pushing her to move on Temple Campus or around where out site out of his temptation. But what happens when the reason for the ongoing war with the Russians is not what Nate thought is about? Will Nate give in to Sabrina? Can Sabrina survive Nate’s back and forth? Will Nate and Sabrina make it out a live? Must read!!

*****ARC from Give Me Books Promotions for review*****


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