Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Butcher (Devils Souls MC #3) by LeAnn Ashers 

****4 Butcher Stars****
Leann Asher gives us insta-stalking with insta-love and it’s good, this is my first read in the series and it kept me turning the pages to find what happens next. This book is full of raw emotion, steamy sexy read. Shay and Butcher are totally meant for each other they are both a bit thrown off. Shay is a MC Princess and Butcher’s is a part of MC that is cool with the MC Shay family is a part of; but the first time they meet let the stalking being Butcher is immediately taken with Shay and refuses to let anything happen to her. Shay is not scared of Butcher or his stalking for some reason she feels safe and finds him sexy. Shay doesn’t take anyone bull and is fast to put you in your place or knock you out or even maybe shot you and all the while she has a smile on her face. Can Butcher keep Shay safe? Can Shay and Butcher survive what’s coming?

****ARC from Enticing Journey Book / TRSOR Promotions for review****

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