Tuesday, August 29, 2017

After Our Kiss by Nora Flite

****4 What the what Starts ****

I so love crazy story and this one is on my list of craziness without putting me off; this is my first read from Nora Flite and she kept me reading until I could not get enough. There’s some twist and turns that you will not see but its good. Georgia was kidnapped at the age of13 for months and the only friend she had was Conway. Conway childhood wasn’t like everyone else him and his brother lost their mother and sister and that’s when things went south with their father. Conway becomes sympathetic towards Georgia the longer his father keeps her locked up, but he knows he can only keep her safe for so long and has to help set her free. Fast forward= Georgia out having some fun when the boy who is a man now comes back but it’s not what she thinks when she sees her savior from the past. I’m leaving so much out because I don’t want to give it away. Will Conway figure out what’s really going on? Can Georgia survive this time around? Can Conway and Georgia really be together after what happened past and present?

*****ARC from Social Butterfly PR for review*****


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