Monday, August 7, 2017

***** 5 Wasted Stars*****
This series just gets better with each brother. They all have secrets they have been keeping from one another thinking they are doing the right thing by keeping all the nasty things hidden from the family. Grayson/Gray is the youngest of the Steel brother and the secret he keeping is one that his brother’s won’t be able imagine. Love or relationships is something Gray knows nothing about especially when he feels like he doesn’t deserve it. When Gray first see’s Mandee was at his sanctuary, she was swimming in the lake and from that day he would never forget the girl swimming that day. When Mandee’s mother is about to pass away she was sent on a task but she knew what was happing so instead she found herself at the lake looking for the voice she heard before and could never forget she needed to release her sadness but what she didn’t know someone was watching. Gray is home and when he runs into Mandee he see’s something in her and can’t keep her off his mind. These two have crazy chemistry and their banter is so good. Their story so full of emotions you get bit of everything. But Mandee and Gray journey won’t be easy especially when there past starts to come out.

*****ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions for review*****

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