Monday, May 15, 2017

*****5 WOW Stars*****
This book is soooo freaking good! This book had me second guessing everything I thought was happing, so enthralling; I’m very impressed with this book. I can’t get too much into details without giving too much away. Lena wakes up and begins to panic she has no idea where she is and how she got their and why is she tied up. When she soon realizes that she not alone and when her captor Jake starts to speak she not afraid she drawn to him but has no clue who he is and why does she feel safe with him. Lena soon realizes that Jake thinks that she her long lost twin Anna; Lena has been searching for her for years with no success. Jake is the Key to where Anna is and Lena willing to play Anna to find her sister. Is Jake the Key? Will Lena find Anna? Will Jake figure out Lena is not Anna? Can Lena trust Jake? Will Lena and Anna past keep haunting them? Will Jake past destroy everything him and Anna built together? YOU MUST READ THIS!!
*****ARC from Author M.C. Jackson for review*****

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