Sunday, May 28, 2017

*****5 “What makes you feel alive?” Stars*****
GOD this book is amazing crazy journey between two people that where always meant to be and all about second chances! Rosie and Dean Story did not fail as a follow up to Vicious and Emilia; I need more Hot Holes please!! So we get all the history good and bad between Rosie and Dean; because in the end of Vicious we can see where it was going between them but the question was when did this happen? Your gonna need some emotional support because this book will have your heart breaking, have plenty tissues and some wine you will need it. There so many complications for these two it won’t be easy; Dean’s pass has a lot of darkness, Rosie is on borrowed time with her illness,  Dean use to date Rosie sister will they be judged? The banter and chemistry between Rosie and Dean is just off the charts and so funny and sad and hopeful. You must read this
What makes you feel alive?
Reading this amazing story about 2 people that have hope and need a second chance and love and getting that bigger picture. So my question to you what makes you feel alive?
*****ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions for review*****

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