Wednesday, May 31, 2017

*****4.50 Creed Family Stars*****
This book is my introduction to Shauna Allen and I can’t wait for more from the Creed men. We get a taste of what this series is going to be like and its goanna be a roller coaster ride. Asher is the oldest amongst the Creed boy’s; Asher is also former Army Ranger who was injured overseas which ended his Army career now home and following in his father footsteps and working at the prison as a guard. Genevieve is an investigative journalist who writes crime news and covering the recent execution of an inmate where Asher works at. Genevieve stops Asher on his way to his car from his most recent shift at the prison to interview but what she did expect was to have immediate attraction to Asher; when Asher stops he didn’t expect those same feels as Genevieve. After Asher declines Genevieve for an interview he can’t stop thinking about her and decides to give her the interview but what they did not expect was for the parks to fly between them so they agree see each other for another interview. The Creed family has been dealing with 10 years of pain and loss this family has dealt with ever since their sister Claire sudden and unsolved disappearance. Asher's mother asks Gen's help to write their sister's story to try help figure out what happen to her or if she still out there. Will this journey help heal the Creed family? Will Gen let her past interfere with her present and future with Asher? Will Asher open his heart? And what happened to Claire?
*****ARC from Give Me Books Promotions for review*****

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