Wednesday, May 24, 2017

*****5 Sin Full Stars*****
I was so ready for this book after reading Dishonorable (not necessary need to read first but you should because Raphael is something else swoon) I knew it would be filled with forbidden and taboo romance and some BDSM Natasha Knight deliver it well. This book is filled with action, drama and twist and turn, secrets, Russian Mob. In six month’s Damon will become ordained priest he in New York helping the church get donations in order. Lina (Kat) is in New York but her family has no idea she supposed to be in Chicago in school. Four years ago Lina at 16 had this pull to Damon him being 24 that she could not understand and Damon couldn’t understand the deep connection that was beyond physical to Lina.  Fast forward Lina in situation that she sees no way out but Damon promises to help. Lina doesn't want Damon involved, she doesn't want her family to know any of it all she is to wants them protected from Russian mob. Will Lina have no choice to trust Damon? Can Lina protect her family and come out on the other side? Will Damon become a priest? And when do we get Zach?
*****ARC from L. Woods PR for review*****

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