Friday, May 19, 2017

*****5 Living With Shame Stars*****
K.J. Bell gives us a story about forbidden romance, humor, passion, strength, horrible and sad and dark moment; she wrote one hell of a story (I need part 2 now please). You will be glued to the pages sitting on the edge of your seat to see what happens next. Breeze and her best friend are at party that she knows they should not be at only being 13 years old and all but she wants to catch a glimpse of Seamus (Shame) O’ Riley leader of the Bastards Club. When Shame lays his eyes on Breeze he knows she like no else his ever met but there one question he needs the answer too, how old is Breeze? After he already Kissed Breeze, Shame knew that kiss was too innocent; Breeze becomes payment for her alcoholic father’s debt per Shame she to work for Shame until she turns 18. Breeze and Shame have this crazy undeniable pull to each other; they struggle to find the right spot in each other lives; it’s strictly forbidden for years. There are so many twist turns and secrets to discover. THIS IS MUST READ!
*****ARC from Social Butterfly PR for review***** 

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