Sunday, May 28, 2017

*****5 Thrilling Stars*****
This was my first time reading from Jessie Cooke and man hands down one of the best MC books I’ve read to date, she completely took me by surprise. This book is full of suspense and hottt scenes and hot Alpha bikers and romance, I cannot wait to read Cody! I loved the way the book bunched from the past to present time. Dax is President of one of the most notorious biker clubs on the East Coast Southside Skulls Outlaw Biker Club; he is hard,tough, fair and will do anything to protect the club, Dax grew up in the club life. Angel followed in the steps of her father and brother's and became a cop 5 years under her belt and is a dam good one. Her family is very protective over her and did  mention she dating a cop Micah and he been around the family long before they started to date. Angel is asked to go undercover to infiltrate the Club and get all the information she can get to finally take the Club down; her father and one brother and current boyfriend work on the task force that asked he to go in. So every move she make will be watched by them so she has to be careful what she does while being undercover. When Angel infiltrates the Club what she didn't expect Dax to take her by surprise and everything she study about him and his club has not prepared her for Dax in the flesh. That's all I can say without giving to much away because this is a MUST READ! Will Angel be able to keep her heart out? Can Dax figure out who leaking Club information out to the cops? Can Angel stay undercover long enough without the Club or Dax finding out who she is? Will Micah end up losing Angel? Can Dax and Angel really have happily ever after?

*****ARC from Enticing Journey Book Promotions for review***** 

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