Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Hers to Take

Hers to Take Hers to Take by Talia Ellison
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

****4.5 Antagonists Stars****
This was my first read for Talia Elllison and it was not bad. Hers to Take has little bit of everything in this book mafia war, forbidden love and steamy sex what more can you ask for. Cassandra is what her name and who she is to the world but if you know who she really is her name is Octavia Ferrara. Octavia has not lived a normal life always hiding who she really is to keep her safe from her family enemies. In a meeting with her 4 brothers Octavia learns the Viteris family is putting a new drug out that could eliminated the Ferrara family for good or bring an all-out war; but on top of that there cousin is missing and all signs point to the Viteris family. Octavia brothers are at a road block not able to get access to the information they need that could get the new drug out of the Viteris hands and information on their cousin Octavia offers to help but is shut down by father and 3 of her brothers.
Sneaking into Aaron’s apartment was supposed to be easy in and out and timed perfectly. Aaron is emotionless and cold but arrogant and a killer. He not supposed to be home and if Octavia gets caught plan dumb and loss and hope they let her go right; it should work right because no one knows who she is she right now she Cassandra not Octavia. Aaron catches Octavia red handed and does not even try to hide the fact that he knows exactly who she is. Aaron give Octavia a choice help him or die but helping Aaron still can have the same ending.
Can Octavia help Aaron without hurting her family? Will Aaron kill Octavia anyway? Can Octavia not kill Aaron or his father? Will they learn to trust one another? Can two enemies work together and not blur the lines? I can’t wait for the next book.
****ARC provided by NetGalley for review****

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