Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Savage Mafia Prince

Savage Mafia Prince Savage Mafia Prince by Annika Martin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****5 *****
I went in blind on Savage Mafia Prince not read the first two books or anything by Annika Martin and I was amazed by this book (so going back and reading the first two just for the story) it had enough combination of drama and action and caveman.
Ann is journalist with a past that almost destroyed her career, now on an assignment undercover as a nurse in a mental institution in the criminal ward working completely different story; little does she know she’s about to find the biggest story ever in patient 34. Who is patient 34 he doesn’t even really know but he does know this is not his home; at young age 34 new he was different from the rest at the age of 9 was left with the option of jail or run and he ran into the wild to be free this is he was where wolves help raise him. Not really truly knowing how different he really is he is Kiro the lost Dragusha brother kidnapped when he was baby and now everyone is on the hunt to find for their own agenda. Patient 34 is being kept in a drug induced vegetated state, strapped to a bed day and night to keep him from escaping under the assumption that Kiro can neither speak nor communicate due to his inactive state, that is until he meets Nurse Ann and shows her glimpses that he can in fact understand what is going on around him. Kiro is drawn to Ann he responds to her caring nature and is compelled to her in a very sexual way; having lived most of his life in the wild raised by wolves his lust and desire is very primal way but still finds it hard to trust her. When Lazarus gets a lead where Kiro is and tries to attempt to get to him before his anyone else does Ann tries to lead him off the path. This is his chance and she giving it to him but can’t seem to leave without her. Now on the run Kiro makes his own plans for him and Ann and he knows it won’t be easy but it’s what he feels needs to be done. Ann has to plans to help him find peace for every wrong that was done to him and try to help him find out who he really is. Is it all about the story for her career or will it be learning how to trust one another and let go of the darkness to help each other heal and knock down the walls they keep up to protect themselves from everyone else in the world?

*****ARC by author via Social Butterfly PR for an honest review*****

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