Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Trapped

Trapped Trapped by Amanda Lance
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

****5 Lucky Stars*****
So I finished this book a while ago I haven’t be able to write my review because I could not my words together to write this review and it’s not because I didn’t like this book no I enjoyed this book; I could not stop reading it once I started it and I’m kind of mad that I don’t know if there is a part 2 because there defiantly can be a part 2 and this is my first read for this author and I was hooked. Aubrey Kent is an intern at CCRB new station and was chosen to join one of the news team to go to Canada on a lead for a high profile case about one of the mafia hit man. The next time Aubrey open her eyes she not in the helicopter anymore she in a dark room in a cabin in pain with flash backs of the horrifying helicopter crash and the stranger who helped her survive the crash. Jack Gordon a man who lives far away from civilization in the deep words of Canada. Because of the weather and other circumstances make it impossible for Jack to take Aubrey to the local hospital, so he takes it upon himself to nurse Aubrey and makes sure she survives her injuries. Jack has been alone for so long that he has forgotten how to basic interact with someone without coming across as harsh, brooding, uncaring individual, secretive. All Aubrey wants is to get back home to her sister or at least to let her know that she survived the crash so her sister would not suffer thinking Aubrey died in the crash. As time passes Aubrey see’s that Jack isn’t as rude and testy as he come off but has a real natural kindness to him even when he trying to hide it. After sometime Aubrey realizes that she is attracted to Jack. Jack has many layers and many secrets; he wants to keep those secrets hidden away. This story is full suspenseful and I found myself holding my breath a few times; this story makes you feel hopefully and makes you. I’m hopefully for book 2 this is a good read.
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