Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Lost in Static

Lost in Static Lost in Static by Christina Philippou
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

****4 Stars****
Lost in static by Christina Phillipou is a mystery and thriller and gritty contemporary drama set in a University; this story follow four first year students and we follow their lives from beginning to end of that first year. The start of this book is a terrible tragedy that sees one of the main characters rushed to hospital in an ambulance. Then heads back in time to the start of a new year at a University and we meet Callum, Ruby, Yasmine and Juliette; you get inside the characters heads and hear their own version of events you see them for who they truly are Juliette is trying to escape her rigidly Christian upbringing, Callum, a rich, handsome young man with a family secret, Yasmin an annoyingly shallow girl with her own agenda and Ruby a football loving tomboy with low self-confidence. Friendships and relationships with each other and outer characters in the book and the dynamics between them are constantly changing. There is an air of foreboding right the way through as the pressure builds and you know that the bad thing at the beginning of the book is going to happen but you don’t know why or when or if there are more bad things coming. Overall I enjoyed this book.
****Copy from New Adult Book Club for review****

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