Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Trick

Trick Trick by Laramie Briscoe
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*****4.5 Sprite Stars****
Laramie is a new author for me that I have on my list of to read and I’m glad I did read this one. This story all about second chance, self-forgiveness, redemption and learning how to come out on top on the other side standing on your own two feet. This story is such an easy read that you don’t even notice how far along you get when you stop it just flows. Hadley had a poor excuse of an ex-husband that seen her as a trophy wife and nothing more; all Hadley wanted was a family that she never had now she divorced and mother. Entering her daughter Riley in a Companion Program to try help her daughter fill a void that her father has left behind because kids weren’t apart of the deal. Patrick (Trick) is an ex-con who does his community service hours doing Companion Program as part of his parole. When Trick meets a curly headed, pink converse wearing girl he knew it was going to change his life forever, his sprite. Overtime Trick breaks through Riley’s trust issues and they make such a tight bond that will have your heart melting. After time Hadley see Trick protectiveness over Sprite and it’s a beautiful thing for Hadley witness. After some more time Hadley starts to see love is not just what you can provide financially but it’s so much more and Trick shows her that all the time. Can Trick and Hadley get through all the drama and be happy? Can they trust one another enough not to get hurt? Good read about 2nd chances.
*****ARC for review by Alexis Noelle*****

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