Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Surrendering

Surrendering Surrendering by Michelle Horst
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*****4.75 Lust Filled Stars*****
This is my first read for Michelle Horst and I really enjoyed it. Mila and Liam story interesting story of heart break, romance, drama and 2nd chance at life with a new start. Mila was born and raised into a cult. Liam mother decided to join a cult breaking up her marriage and having her kids live part time as members. At the age of 13 Mila knows things that she has been told and taught are not right; women are demeans, demoralizes and treats females as things and vessels for breeding babies. Mila seeks the help of visiting outsider Cathy to help her run before it’s too late. At the age of 16 Liam is kicked out of the cult after his and Sister Rosie visit goes all wrong. Fast forward 7 years later at junior college Mila trying to fit in with everyone else and not stand out. Liam getting ready to leave for University and trying to figure out how can he get Mila to say “Yes” to him because the last 2 years all he ever wanted was her and she is queen of “NO” to every guy who approach her. Mila finals says yes to something and it’s only become the one who asked is the guy she been having fantasies about for the last 2 years. Mila on the run from the cult and knows that if they find her they will hurt Liam; so she only let’s Liam in a little bit and then pushes him away when thing become too real. Liam can’t understand why Mila won’t stop pushing him away and why won’t she tell him about her past. Three years later Mila past final catches up with her and Liam home and he is no longer the guy she once knew. Liam final home and the 3 years without Mila having been nothing but torture to him and his plan is to make her hurt; but when Mila past comes back all he want to do is protect what’s his from them. Will Liam protect Mila? Will Mila final be happy? Will the cult leave them alone? This is a must read!!
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